Robotics in Horizon 2020: Information and Consortia Building Event 2018

Briefing on Horizon 2020 European Funding: information and brokerage, consortia building and proposal development for

Robotics: Natural Efficiencies (Discourse)

Through natural selection, animals have evolved exquisite adaptations for highly efficient movement through the air, in water and across the

H2O AI World London 2018

We're headed across the pond for our first H2O AI World London! Join the greatest minds in AI and data science for this 2-day interactive event packed with deep-dive technical

AI Hack

Following the well-received IC Data Challenge, ICDSS proudly collaborates with MathSoc and MLSoc to present AI Hack 2018. This


Future of Quantum Technology given significant funding boost

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced that the next wave of funding has been committed for the four quantum technology research hubs across the UK, building on the first phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum technologies have the potential to develop new medical devices, sensors that can see underground or around corners and computers that can solve today’s unsolvable problems.

It has been identified as a key area for economic growth and future potential opportunity for UK businesses within the modern Industrial Strategy.

Doctor Robot will see you now – but it’ll cost you more

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have long been forecast to play a key role in health and social care this century, as Western

Robot Operating System: Microsoft Announced Something Big For IoT, Robotics, And Automation

Today you might own one robot. Maybe a Roomba, maybe a lawn-mowing robot, or maybe just a toy.

50 engineering leaders become Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering

50 leading engineers from the UK and the world have been elected as Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering in recognition of their outstanding

Rapid data analysis at sea leads to largest 3D color reconstruction of the seafloor

A recent expedition led by Dr Blair Thornton, demonstrated how the use of autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence at sea can dramatically

Kuka Innovation Awards Finalists!

Robotics at Leeds team, led by Prof Pietro Valdastri, has made it though to the finals of the Kuka Innovation Award 2019. The theme of the award is health living

When Will Autonomous Vehicles be Safe Enough? An interview with Professor Missy Cummings

Autonomous vehicle (AV) supporters often tout safety as one of the most significant benefits of an AV-dominated transportation future. As