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Start Date/Time:
25/09/2020 9:00 am
End Date/Time:
26/09/2020 6:00 pm


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The increasing adoption of Artificial Intelligence techniques in safety-critical systems, employed in real world scenarios, requires the design of reliable, robust and verifiable methodologies. AI systems employed in such applications need to provide formal guarantees about their safety, increasing the need for a synergic collaboration between the AI and Formal Methods scientific communities. Despite this increasing need, tools and methodologies integrating Formal Methods and Artificial Intelligence solutions have received relatively little attention.

The workshop is the main official initiative supported by OVERLAY, presenting the research group and its current results to the Italian AI scientific community. The event aims at establishing a stable, long-term scientific forum on relevant topics connected to the relationships between Artificial Intelligence and Formal Methods, by providing a stimulating environment where researchers can discuss about opportunities and challenges at the border of the two areas.