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Start Date/Time:
18/10/2019 4:00 pm
End Date/Time:
19/10/2019 7:00 pm

University of Deusto
CRAI Library Building
Ramón Rubial Kalea, 1
48009 Bizkaia

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Cybersecurity for robotics is a multidisciplinary research domain that is growing in relevance and importance due to the continuous growth of robotics systems and increase in cybersecurity and safety risks and challenges. The conference aims to bring together all dedicated researchers active in this domain and is about identifying risks, threats and vulnerabilities, safety considerations and solutions for robot systems due to cyber security.
Over the last couple of years research in this topic has been increasing due to many developments happening in both cybersecurity and the robotics domain. The initiative of the conference came from the Cybersecurity workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2019, where some of the research results were” presented, a connection was made to the Strategic Research Agenda of Cybersecurity and of Robotics, where the connection to Safety and Security was made and where we showed the interest and benefit for the innovation developments and future potential industrial applications and dedicated technologies.