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Start Date/Time:
03/12/2019 3:00 pm
End Date/Time:
03/12/2019 4:00 pm

University of Lincoln

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You are invited to attend a research seminar by Cyrill Stachniss (University of Bonn, Germany), one of the world-leading experts in robotic perception, on “Robotic Perception for Agricultural Environments” as part of the School of Computer Science Research Seminar Series.

Autonomous robots need the ability to perceive and model their environment and to make appropriate decisions in complex situations on their own. The complexity results from the high-dimensional perceptions, the large number of possible actions and the uncertainty about the state of the world.

In this talk, Prof Stachniss will present recent developments for solving different problems in the context of mobile robot perception operating on real fields. The talk covers recent results from several research projects focussing on UAVs and UGVs in the context of crop production conducted at the Photogrammetry & Robotics Lab in Bonn. The talk furthermore covers ongoing developments of the Cluster of Excellence on “Robotics and Phenotyping for Sustainable Crop Production (PhenoRob)”.