Bionic Technologies & Implantable Robots

Bionic Technologies & Implantable Robots

Wednesday 26th June 2019
08:30 – 13:00

Co-Chairs and Organisers:

Pierre E. Dupont, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, U.S.A.

Arianna Menciassi, the BioRobotics Institute, Pontedera, Italy

Keynote Speaker:

Ellen T. Roche, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering / Institute for Medical Engineering Science, MIT, USA

The development of fully implanted devices able to restore the functionality of compromised or lost organs can dramatically improve the quality of life for patients afflicted with chronic pathologies.

The creation of these bionic systems represents an important and challenging frontier in biomedical engineering. Among the different approaches that can be pursued to restore organ functionality, fully implantable biomechatronic technologies constructedfrom smart miniaturized technologies are very intriguing.

Such devices have the potential to reproduce complex functions without interfering with the normal patient lifestyle, being fully integrated into the body. A successful implementation of this paradigm requires  overcoming several technological and biological challenges relating to smart technological components development and integration, non-invasive powering, biocompatibility of the materials interfaced with the patients‚ tissues, overall reliability, safety and long-term operation time.

To overcome these challenges, an interdisciplinary approach is required, merging competencies typical of medical robotics and bioengineering, together with skills and technologies used in the robotic domain at large, with the final aim of achieving hi-tech systems enabling patients to live a normal life. This workshop aims to present different research approaches in the field and to analyze the enabling technologies that can propel this paradigm toward clinical adoption.

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