Strategic Task Groups

Strategic Task Groups

Call for UK-RAS Strategic Task Groups:

The UK-RAS Network is seeking to fund a number of Strategic Task Groups through which a variety of activities can be organised. These issue-based interest groups will be initiated by members of the UK-RAS Network. In collaboration with the Executive Committee, the task groups will organise and coordinate continuous activities focused on research interests.

The aims of any task group could cover some of the following:

  • identify research gaps and challenges;
  • devise roadmaps or strategic solutions via: the production of white papers; organisation of robotics challenges; workshops; symposia and conferences;
  • create public engagement activities, such as: exhibitions; hackathons; festivals; conferences; demonstrations;
  • promote academia-industry liaison;
  • develop scoping projects to explore wider research collaboration.

Activities can span the full spectrum from basic research to technological development and concrete innovation, developing paths of knowledge transfer, as well as identifying actual and potential academia-industry cooperation. Strategic Task Groups will be instrumental to providing future strategic direction to the UK, the Network, and its relationship with other relevant organisations.  

Through these types of activities it is hoped that members and non-members of the network will become involved with cross–institutional and cross-disciplinary activities, research projects and events, promote ground-up engagement, drive strategic decisions, and influence policy and funding decisions, as well as promote RAS research within the UK.

Available Funding

Members of the UK-RAS Network can apply for funding to set up a Strategic Task Group. Each application requires a minimum of 3 partner institutions and applications that include partners outside the network are encouraged.

A total of £150k will be allocated over the next two years to fund multiple task groups, and we expect to fund between five and ten task group activities with these funds. Individual applications must not exceed £40k, but we expect the task groups to be efficient in their use of resources, so the majority of applications would request significantly less than the upper limit. We ask you bid for the essential resources required to deliver your vision for a task group.


  • Strategic Task Groups must include at least 3 partner institutions, including at least one UK-RAS Network member.
  • Individual applications must not exceed £40k
  • Initial activities are expected to conclude within the year.

Deadline: 15th January 2020


Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the call.

If you have any queries about the programme or would like to discuss your application, please contact Claire Asher.