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UK-built rover landing on Martian surface moves one giant fall closer


The two parachutes that will safely deliver the UK’s first ever Mars vehicle to the Red Planet have completed their first full-scale high altitude drop test.

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Real-world neuroscience experiments show diversity in learning new motor skills

Researchers at Imperial College London have shown how the whole body changes while learning new movement-based skills.

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Glasgow solar skin delivers ultimate light touch

Researchers at Glasgow University have created a new type of solar-powered e-skin that uses light to mimic human touch.

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UWE Bristol’s Centre for Machine Vision receive funding to create augmented reality picking aid for farm workers

UWE Bristol’s Centre for Machine Vision team and other members of a consortium has been awarded Innovate UK funding to develop a low cost, augmented reality picking aid.

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TERRINet team win prestigious International KUKA Innovation Award

The Scuola Superiore St’Anna (SSSA) team led by Prof. Arianna Menciassi, won the prestigious International KUKA Innovation Award 2020 for the development of an innovative platform for focused ultrasound surgery.

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Robot Talk Episode Three – Out Now!

In this episode, Claire is joined by Dr Romeo Orsolino (Dynamic Robot Systems Group, University of Oxford), Chris Cieslak (BladeBUG), and Dr Chengxu Zhou (Real Robotics Lab, University of Leeds) to talk about the amazing and sometimes surprising ways that robots get moving.

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Robots to take on more supermarket tasks

A task which is so simple for humans - quickly and efficiently packing a bag of groceries of different sizes and shapes without crushing anything - is something that until recently has been beyond the abilities of robots.

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