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Pioneering facilities are a game-changer for UK atomic research


The University of Bristol is leading an initiative to make cutting-edge robotics, drones and testing spaces available for nuclear research with the launch of four ‘Hot Robotics’ facilities in the UK. The aim of the game-changing National Nuclear User Facility for Hot Robotics (NNUF-HR) is to make robotics and facilities readily available to researchers from both academia and industry, to facilitate ground-breaking, impactful nuclear research.

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Living with Robots: What Every Anxious Human Needs to Know

The truth about robots: two experts look beyond the hype, offering a lively and accessible guide to what robots can (and can't) do.

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Robot Talk Episode Ten – Out Now!

Robot Talk is back for a brand-new season, and the first episode is all about robot swarms!

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First ever UK-RAS Network Award Winners Announced

The winners of the first ever UK-RAS Network Awards were announced today, recognising excellence and achievement by the UK robotics and autonomous systems community.

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Aberystwyth University becomes 33rd member of the UK-RAS Network

We are pleased to announce that Aberystwyth University has joined the UK-RAS Network, becoming our 33rd member institution.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot Competitions

The moment has finally come for us to announce the winners of the 2021 Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot Competitions!

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Name the National Robotarium’s new robot dog!

The National Robotarium has welcomed a new robot pal and they need your help to name it!

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