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UKRAS21 Conference brings together early-career roboticists from across the country

On the 2nd June, the 4th UK-RAS Conference for PhD and Early-Career Researchers was hosted remotely by the University of Hertfordshire.

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UKRAS21: Keynotes & Programme Announced!

On behalf of the Organising and Advisory Committee we are excited to announce three inspiring Keynote speakers, along with the full programme for the 4th UK-RAS Conference for PhD and Early-Career researchers (#UKRAS21).

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UK Festival of Robotics Programme Announced!

We are excited to announce the inaugural programme for the UK Festival of Robotics, running from 19th – 25th June 2021.

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ORI Remotely Explore JET Torus Hall

In May 2021, the Oxford Robotics Institute had a major field trial at JET (the Joint European Torus), at the UKAEA site in Culham.

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How robotics can help slow cognitive decline and support independent living for longer

Professor Lynne Baillie, who specialises in Human-Robot Interaction and social care at The National Robotarium at Heriot-Watt University, explores how robotics can support independent living and result in significant financial savings for local authorities.

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Killer farm robot dispatches weeds with electric bolts

Makers say machine could be part of an agricultural revolution of automation and sustainability

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Evolving, self-replicating robots are here — but don’t worry about an uprising

“We are trying to, if you like, invent a completely new way of designing robots that doesn’t require humans to actually do the designing,” said Alan Winfield.

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