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Future of Surgery

Read moreThe Commission on the Future of Surgery gazed twenty years into the future to identify advances in medicine and technology that are likely to change surgical care. We analysed evidence and assessed the implications of such developments for patients, the surgical profession and the healthcare system.

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UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in AI for Healthcare (Call for projects)

Applying data-driven methods to medicine AI4Health VisionOur vision is to establish a world leading centre for PhD training of next-generation innovators in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Healthcare. We take the view that AI is ultimately a question about how to realise artificial systems that solve problems presently requiring human intelligence to solve (e.g. problems solved […]

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UK at the forefront of Quantum technologies

Experimental quantum science is set to become a commercial reality through planned joint government and industry investment of over £350 million, taking projects from research stage to product testing. New quantum technologies have the potential to revolutionise a range of industries – from cyber security to defence and healthcare.

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