UK-RAS Conference

UKRAS20: About

UKRAS20: About

Following on from the successes of the first two UK-RAS Network conferences, this event aims to provide a much-needed opportunity for PhD and early-career researchers to participate in a robotics conference. The event also opens up opportunities for researchers to publish through the UK-RAS Proceedings, and to present their research more widely through pre-selection of the winning papers to related conferences such as TAROS and the Hamlyn Symposium.

This annual event attracted over 160 delegates last year and offers a vibrant community intent on sharing, exchanging, and exploring the latest developments and new avenues in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. The event will have 3 international Plenary speakers, followed by conference presenters, poster presentations, lab tours and demos.

The aim of the UK-RAS conference is to promote quality research, networking, and community building for PhD students and practitioners at the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and systems, by discussing the latest advancements in this fast growing and exciting field.

This year, the conference’s focus is on ‘Robots into the Real World‘ and will be held at the University of Lincoln on the 17th April 2020.

The call for papers is now open and we are looking for submissions in areas including (but not limited to):

  • Novel and Emerging Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • Service Robotics
  • Field Robotics

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The benefits to the attendants are…

  • Establishing their academic and professional relationships;
  • Improving their motivation and confidence in presenting research to an international audience;
  • Networking with other experts in related research areas;
  • Opportunities to publish their work;
  • Further conference presentation opportunities at Towards Autonomous Robotics Systems (TAROS) conference.

Tour of Riseholme’s Robotics Facilities

A free, optional tour at Lincoln’s Riseholme campus is available on the 16th April. A coach will collect you from Lincoln University Campus at 3.30pm and take to you Riseholme, about 20 minutes away. The tour itself will take about 1 hour, and we expect to arrive back at the University of Lincoln at around 5.30pm. 

The University of Lincoln’s Riseholme Campus is a 200 hectare mixed farming site, located just north of the city of Lincoln. It is home to the Lincoln Institute for Agri-food Technology (LIAT), which develops research solutions to enhance productivity, efficiency and sustainability in food and farming, and SAGA Robotics, developers of the Thorvald family of autonomous modular robots, which can be reconfigured to accommodate various conditions and perform different tasks on a farm. The tour will give the opportunity to see the robots in use, including demonstrations of robotic solutions to support fruit picking at the Riseholme strawberry farm, and robotic weeding technologies, in collaboration with Garford Farm Machinery, world leaders in precision-guided mechanical weeding solutions.


Authors of the best papers from #UKRAS20 will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper to the prestigious TAROS20 conference. TAROS is the longest running UK-hosted international conference on Robotics and Autonomous Systems. TAROS 2020 will be hosted by Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Manufacturing and On-wing Technology at the University of Nottingham on the 22nd -24th June, 2020.

Contact Details

If you have any queries regarding paper submissions, please contact Tom Duckett, Charles Fox or Arthur Richards.