About the UK-RAS Conference

About the UK-RAS Conference

The annual UK-RAS Conference for PhD and Early-Career Researchers aims to promote quality research, networking, and community building for PhD students and practitioners at the frontier of science and technology in robots and intelligent systems. The conference provides a much-needed opportunity for early-career researchers to participate in a robotics conference, to publish their work through the UK-RAS Conference Proceedings, and to present their research more widely through pre-selection of the winning papers to related conferences such as TAROS.

The event attracts a large and vibrant research community intent on sharing, exchanging, and exploring the latest developments and new avenues in Robotics and Autonomous Systems. The programme includes international Plenary speakers, conference and poster presentations from PhD and early-career researchers, lab tours and demos.

This year, the conference’s focus is on ‘Robotics at Home‘ and will be held virtually at the University of Hertfordshire on the 2nd June 2021.

The benefits to the attendants are…

  • Establishing academic and professional relationships;
  • Improving their motivation and confidence in presenting research to an international audience;
  • Networking with other experts in related research areas;
  • Opportunities to publish their work;
  • Further conference presentation opportunities at Towards Autonomous Robotics Systems (TAROS) conference.