UK-RAS Conference

UKRAS20: Speakers

UKRAS20: Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prof Ingmar Posner

University of Oxford

Ingmar leads the Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab at Oxford University. His goal is to enable robots to robustly and effectively operate in complex, real-world environments. His research is guided by a vision to create machines which constantly improve through experience. 

Dr Fumiya Iida

University of Cambridge

Fumiya Iida is a university reader at the University of Cambridge since 2018, where he leads the Bio-Inspired Robotics Lab. His research interests include biologically inspired robotics, embodied artificial intelligence, and biomechanics, where he was involved in a number of research projects related to dynamic legged locomotion, navigation of autonomous robots, and human-machine interactions.

Dr Adam Stokes

University of Edinburgh

Dr Stokes is a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems at The University of Edinburgh. He is Director of the Soft Systems Group, an interdisciplinary research laboratory. Dr Stokes’s research interests include: robotics, physical chemistry, electrical engineering, materials science, nanotechnology, optics, proteomics, and cell biology.


The full programme of speakers will be announced after paper submissions have closed.