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Announcing the Winners of the 2021 Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot Competitions

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our two creative competitions for children – Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot – both now in their second year.

Thank you to the hundreds of children from up and down the country who entered their fantastic drawings and thrilling stories this year! Our judges were blown away by the imagination and innovativeness of the entries we received.

Draw a Robot 2021

So, without further delay, the winners of the 2021 Draw a Robot Competition are….

Winner: Tehmina Walker, aged 6 – “Plan-o-bot

Runner-Up: Edward Marsden Smith, aged 8 – “Green Bin Robot

I was really impressed by the imagination and thought that went into all the robot designs I judged.  It was lovely to see the many different ideas for how robots can help us teach children, look after the environment, enjoy ourselves and so many other things.  The designs were all really inventive and the illustrations full of imagination – I particularly loved the collages.  Coming up with ideas for how robots can help improve human well-being is really important.  If the competition entrants are our future roboticists then I have high hopes that the next generation will design and build robots to benefit all of humanity.

Dr Louise Dennis

Once Upon a Robot 2021

And the winners of the Once Upon a Robot Competition are…

Winner: Emily Potter, aged 9 – “Lenny Lifts Christmas

Runner-Up: Alex Price, aged 11 – “Alexus

I was shocked at the quality of storytelling, some of these children have a natural ability to engage and amuse. Every one of them should keep on writing. I was dead impressed.

Iszi Lawrence

It was a privilege to read all the entries to Once Upon a Robot competition.  The standard of the writing blew me away!  These stories were not only very well written but showed that there is an interest among the young to engage with robotics and what it could mean to live alongside robots in the future.

Dr Richard Gillham Darnley

Congratulations to all our winners!

And a huge thank you to our judges, Iszi Lawrence, Dr Richard Gillham Darnley, Fiona MacDonald, and Dr Louise Dennis!

The winning children, their parents, teachers and the competition judges were invited to a virtual award ceremony on the 22nd June.