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Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge 2020

The UK-RAS Network is pleased to announce a new Medical Robotics Challenge for Contagious Diseases.

The outbreak of novel coronavirus has sparked a global health crisis and the robotics research and innovation communities form an integral part of our response.

Now more than ever, it is evident that robotics has a key role to play. Across the world, robots and drones are being repurposed and deployed as part of the COVID-19 response.

– There are robots disinfecting hospitals;
– automated systems supporting the testing of millions of people quickly and reliably;
– robots undertaking infection control and operating on patients; and
– robotic platforms delivering medical supplies and food to the most vulnerable.

In the case of clinical care, areas of specific importance include disease prevention, diagnosis and screening, and patient care and disease management.

The COVID-19 pandemic offers a unique opportunity to galvanize medical robot technologies, as they play an increasingly major role in combating contagious diseases.

This new challenge is aimed at entries that could offer solutions as part of a multi-faceted response to this and future global pandemics.

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