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NHS report suggests AI will give docs more patient time

Alia Talaat

NHS report suggests AI will give docs more patient time

A report from the NHS suggests the impending technological ‘revolution’ in healthcare will increase the amount of time doctors can spend with patients.

NHS doctors are overburdened; a problem only getting worse from a growing and ageing population, and not enough funding.

The report was led by US academic Eric Topol and calls for a reskilling of NHS staff to harness new digital skills. AI and robotics can reduce the burden on healthcare professionals, but only if they’re utilised effectively.

Doctors will not be replaced by robots but instead will have their abilities “enhanced” to improve care. Around 90 percent of all NHS jobs are predicted to require digital skills within the next 20 years.

The use of virtual assistants such as those offered by Apple, Google, and Amazon are expected to be among the closest innovations to being ready.

Assistants can help with checking whether symptoms require urgent care, a GP appointment, or whether a doctor needs to be seen at all. 


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