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Robot Operating System: Microsoft Announced Something Big For IoT, Robotics, And Automation

Marianne Knight

Today you might own one robot. Maybe a Roomba, maybe a lawn-mowing robot, or maybe just a toy. But in the future, you’ll likely own a dozen robots or more: to clean your house, cook your food, transport you, and generally make your life easier and better. 

And that’s just your home.

Our factories already have hundreds of thousands of robots, and more are coming every day. Somehow, we need to be able to manage, sync, control, and operate them. At least before AI takes it all over.

Here’s one thing that will help.

Microsoft quietly announced today that it is supporting Robot Operating System (ROS1) in Windows 10. That’s a big deal because it enables developers who are using Visual Studio to develop for real-world smart-matter robotics and automation alongside purely software, web, mobile, and cloud applications.

Plus, Microsoft is weaving in other key technologies:

“We’re looking forward to bringing the intelligent edge to robotics by bringing advanced features like hardware-accelerated Windows Machine Learning, computer vision, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure IoT cloud services, and other Microsoft technologies to home, education, commercial, and industrial robots,” Lou Amadio, Microsoft’s principal software engineer for Windows IoT said today in a blog post.


John Koetsier
Contributor, Consumer Tech