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UK Robotics Labs: Register now for Robot Lab Live!

Would you like to show off your cutting-edge robotics lab? Do you have a cool robot project you’d like to share with the World?

Join the UK’s Top Robotics Labs and register now for “Robot Lab Live” — an exciting public event for the UK Festival of Robotics in June!

About Robot Lab Live

As part of the UK Festival of Robotics (19th – 25th June), the UK-RAS Network is organising a live online event for robotics labs from around the country to showcase their current research to non-specialist audiences.

Participating labs will get to take part in a mass public robotics livestream, showcasing their exciting research to audiences around the World in one of the main events of the 2021 Festival of Robotics.

Each team will design their own 12-minute demo, showcasing cutting edge research and robotic technology to the public, which will be live-streamed through the UK-RAS YouTube channel and featured prominently on the Festival of Robotics Website.

Why Sign Up?

  • Be part of one of the main events in the UK Festival of Robotics;
  • Showcase your cutting-edge research to a worldwide audience;
  • Receive bespoke training from Dr Steve Cross to develop an exciting live demo;
  • Borrow camera, sound and lighting equipment that will allow you to produce high-quality results;
  • Get promotion for your lab from the UK-RAS Network through press releases, newsletters, and social media.

Deadline for registration: Midnight, 28th February 2021