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Winners of the 2020 Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot Competitions Announced!

Thank you to the hundreds of children who entered our two new competitions for 2020 — Draw a Robot and Once Upon a Robot. Our judges were very impressed by the high calibre of entries we received and choosing the winners was not easy!

So, without further delay, the winners of the 2020 Draw a Robot Competition are….

Winner: Rachel Eva Shaw, Aged 7 – “The Asthma Robot”

Runner-Up: Ishya Gupta, Aged 5 – “Robo Food Bin”

And the winners of the Once Upon a Robot Competition are…

Winner: Alexander Walker, Aged 9 – “RoboBat

Runner-Up: Alexander Hertog, Aged 10 – “R0bo Apocalypse

A.F. Harrold said this about his experience of judging the competition entries:

What made judging the Once Upon A Robot contest so enjoyable was the variety of stories we received. There were funny and serious stories, realistic ones and ones that were way out there, straight ahead sci-fi adventures and modern-talking fairytales. What none of them were was boring, and what the best of them were was surprising. The fact that the same starting point, those four words ‘Once Upon a Robot’ sent kids’ brains zooming off in so many directions was a joy, and allowed the writers to explore not only fantasies but also some real world worries, including the issues raised by the COVID-19 lockdown and by more long-running troubles like pollution and the climate emergency. I’m glad I wasn’t alone in having to pick a winner, and am excited to see when my scores are collated with those of my fellow judges who came out on top. I’m sure we have some future writers in the bunch, along with some future roboticists.

A.F. Harrold

Congratulations to all our winners!

And a huge thank you to our judges, Zoë Smith, A.F. Harrold, Alex Cope, Arman Zonüzi and Aisling Cooling!

We will be contacting the winners and their schools to arrange the awards-giving ceremony.