UK-RAS Network Award Nominations

Call for Nominations

We are seeking nominations for exceptional individuals and groups to be recognised in the first ever UK-RAS Network Awards.

Up to four awards will recognise excellence in the UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems community.

To make a nomination, please complete our short nomination form at the end of this page.

The nominations for each award will be evaluated by the UK-RAS Network Executive Committee and awarded at the Robotics Summer Showcase Closing Ceremony on the 30th July 2021. Their evaluation will be based on the contributions made, without consideration of the number of nominations for an individual or group.

Key Dates:

Nominations close: 11:59pm GMT +1 on the 18th July

Winner’s announced: 30th July

UK-RAS Rising Star Award

We welcome nominations for students or groups of students for their outstanding achievements in academic research, technology transfer, engagement, or other activities.


UK-RAS Early-Career Award

We welcome nominations for exceptional individuals in the early stages of their academic career, who have made an outstanding contribution in robotics and autonomous systems.


UK-RAS Community Award

We welcome nominations for individuals or groups for excellent community-building activities in the RAS Community and beyond.


UK-RAS Impact Award

We welcome nominations for partnerships, collaborations, and / or transfers of knowledge or technology between academia and industry.


Nomination Form

Network Award Nominations
If you are nominating a group of individuals, please include each person's name separated by commas.
If you are nominating a group, please select one group member for correspondence and include their email address here.
If you are nominating a group, please include each person's primary affiliation here, separated by commas.
Please include a brief description of any activities, projects or outcomes that are relevant to the nomination.

Robotics Summer Showcase

1st May – 31st July 2021