Surgical Robot Challenge

The Surgical Robot Challenge is an annual international competition showcasing the latest innovative and technological advancements in surgical robotics.

Now in its 5th year, this compelling contest sees some of the leading surgical robotics groups from around the world compete for a prize fund of £10,000. With the support of Intuitive Surgical, KUKA and Applied Dexterity, this competition aims to showcase innovative new ideas in surgiccbdnbal robotics across a range of surgical robot platforms. 

Postponement of the 2020 Competition

Thank you very much to everyone who submitted an entry to the 2020 Surgical Robot Challenge — a great achievement in such difficult times! However, given the ongoing restrictions due to Covid-19, we are aware that many people are still unable to access their laboratories or collaborate with key colleagues. In light of this, we have decided to postpone the competition and defer entries to 2021.

Although disappointing, we believe this decision is essential in order to ensure that we maintain the high calibre of competition and to showcase the full international repertoire of the latest developments in surgical robotics innovation.

Any entrants who wish to re-submit with an updated version of their entry will be welcome to do so.

Provisional dates for the 2021 competition are as follows:

Friday 28th May – Final Submission of Video, Slideshow and 2-page paper
Monday 14th June to Saturday 19th June – Filmed Demo in London
Saturday 19th June – 12-Minute Presentation in London

Where appropriate, we would allow entrants to withdraw their 2020 entry from the Surgical Robot challenge in order to resubmit to our Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge, which is open for entries until the 30th September 2020

If you have any questions, please contact Florent Seichepine.


For enquires about the 2020 Surgical Robot Challenge, please contact Florent Seichepine.

Past Surgical Robot Challenges

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The MACRO Tool 2016 by CIGITI (SickKids)

CIGITI’s BRN Tool – Surgical Robot Challenge 2017 Live Demo

A. Ruszkowski Entry: Surgical Robot Challenge 2015 – Final

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