The MiRo Maze

We are thrilled to partner with the University of Sheffield, Cyberselves, Consequential Robotics, and the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS) to bring you The Miro Maze as part of UK Festival of Robotics.

More information about MiRO Maze is available on the SERAS website

Cyberselves have teamed up with Consequential Robotics to deliver the telepresence experience through MiRo, Consequential’s biomimetic robot. MiRo-E’s friendly pet-like appearance makes it the perfect social companion, but it is also a sophisticated and technically advanced platform that has many other applications in education and research.

Thanks to the latest developments in Cyberselves’ telepresence technology, we can now offer you the chance to try the MiRo Maze in your own browser! The University of Sheffield have agreed to host the MiRo Maze for UK Festival of Robotics 2021 at their landmark Engineering building, the Diamond.

The Miro Maze is a fun and engaging experience for people of any age. It introduces users to ideas and issues in and around robotics, AI, human-robot interaction, virtual reality, and a future of work where robots and variable autonomy are commonplace. University of Sheffield robotics researchers will be on-hand, alongside Cyberselves staff, to discuss these issues and more with audiences.

How do I take part?

To take part in MiRo Maze for UK Festival of Robotics 2021, all you need is an internet connection and a browser. The Maze will be hosted at the Diamond at the University of Sheffield. 

Participation is FREE, but places are limited, so register soon.  School groups are welcome to get in touch to find out how they can participate. (Taking your turn to control the robot will take around 20 minutes including practice time.)

More information about MiRO Maze is available on the SERAS website

Register your interest on our Eventbrite page:  

UK Festival of Robotics

19th – 25th June 2021