Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre for Manufacturing and On-Wing Technology

University of Nottingham

Nature-inspired Robotic Systems for Inspection in Harsh Environments: Snake, Dog and Insect-like Robots

Robotic systems for in-situ repair are one of the research areas for our team. We focus on developing fundamentally novel, miniaturised robotic systems, e.g., walking hexapod and continuum robot, for inspection in challenging environments (e.g., aero-engines, nuclear). On the demo day we are planning to show three different robots as follows: COBRA: A five-meter snake-like robot and it will be demonstrated to do inspection in confined space. Walking Hexapod Robot: Moving the robot around on an object which need to be machined and then the robot will start doing the machining. Dog Robot: A dog-like robot will be used to navigate around manufacturing environment to map it.

UK Festival of Robotics

19th – 25th June 2021