Showcase Event

In what has become the centrepiece of the UK Robotics Week, the International Robotics Showcase will be jointly organised by the EPSRC UK-RAS Network and the IET this year, and will take place at Royal Geographical Society on Thursday 27th June 2019, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

This year the showcase event will feature exclusive talks by world-renowned experts in science and technology, on the ethical, legal and economic impact of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

The talks, accompanied by an all-day exhibition, will offer live robot demonstrations and the chance for academics, industry and the general public to explore the latest technological developments and capabilities.

As we look towards the start of the fourth UK Robotics Week, there can be no doubt that the EPSRC-funded UK-RAS Network continues to go from strength to strength.

From continuing its series of informational white papers, to running robotics challenges that attract the best teams from across the globe, their efforts to raise the profile of UK robotics and autonomous systems have helped shine a spotlight on the possibilities offered by such cutting-edge systems. 

The fundamental research carried out by UK researchers today has already started to lead to the industrial innovations of tomorrow. This underscores the necessity of investment in a strong science base to produce a strong, productive economy.

Philip Nelson, Executive Chair, EPSRC