School Robot Competition 2019

In 2019 UK-RAS Network partnered up with Twinkl to create the School Robot Competition.

Winners 2019!

Out of entries sent from across the UK, pupils from Landau Forte College Derby took first place whilst a class from Fittleworth C of E Village School in Pulborough, West Sussex, came second.

A video of the highlights can be viewed below:

The robots had to be created and programmed to complete various challenges, including parking and drilling on the planet’s unique surface.

Pupils aged between 11 and 14 from Landau Forte College’s after-school robotics club took first place, entering robots that could manage multiple terrains and were the best at completing four of the five challenges set.

Fittleworth C of E Village School entered the best robot for the additional ‘Line Follow’ challenge, with a class of students aged 10 and 11 using components and programming to make the most efficient robot for the task.

Pupils from Landau Forte College Derby were presented with their award at the International Robotics Showcase in London, which was organised as part of UK Robotics Week. They will also be receiving their very own Miro-E robot from Consequential Robotics, an advanced AI robot that has been adapted for education. Runners up Fittleworth C of E Village School will be receiving 3D printed models of the robots they entered.

Although the competition has ended, the Twinkl Robotics app and online web version are still available to use for free globally. Please click here for more information and to download the app.