School Visits

Throughout the year, we visit individual schools to demonstrate the competition app and help answer any questions schools have about the competition and robotics in general. During the visit we plan to:

  • Show you how to download the Twinkl Robotics app to their mobile devices, (to students aged 8 – 14 and their teachers) as well as how you can enter the free competition to design and program a virtual robot that can navigate the surface of Mars!
  • We will also be demonstrating the augmented reality function of the app – you can bring your robot to life and watch it move around right in front of you on the real-life surface you point your device at. There will be desktop computers for visitors to try out the web GL version of the competition, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
  • Sheffield Robotics from the RAIN hub are showcasing interactive robots such as MiRo and PepperOculus virtual reality headsets and pi-to p computers.
  • Members of the FAIR-SPACE hub from the University of Surrey and the University of Liverpool are bringing Lego Robots – drive a Lego rover as if it were on the Moon and explore the different ways to program it.

We are planning a number of school visits in 2020 to demonstrate the app and provide more information on how to get involved with Twinkl and the School Robot Competition. If you would like to have you school included in our visitation list, please submit your details via the online form below:

Science Festivals

We are took the UK-RAS School Robot Competition 2019 to Cheltenham Science Festival this year. We also participated in a number of additional exhibitions, including the International Robotics Showcase as part of the UK Robotics Week.

Watch this space for a list of our 2020 science festivals!